Anonymous Extraordinaries

Soleira Green is a global visionary and co-founder of the Visionary Network.  She knows a thing or two about being extraordinary and was moved to write about the following inspirational video.

I’d like to share what Soleira Green has to say about Anonymous Extraordinaries . . .

“I watched another brilliant video yesterday, this one with Natalie Warne, a teenager talking about being young and making an impact.  In her talk, she uses the term ‘anonymous extraordinaries’ and it struck me as I heard it just how many amazing people I know all over the world who are exactly that! [Read more…]

Experience New Possibilities


photo credit Maciej Lewandowski

Ready to leap without limits? Expansion, growth and extending something beyond limits is all about stretching your perspective.  You’ve heard the expression – “What you see, is what you get!” Right? This expression is literally at play all the time. As you process what you “see” your reference system validates the experience.  Here’s where things become circular.  The more you view things in the same way – the more things stay the same.  As you begin to stretch [Read more…]

A Stretch in Perspective

For as long as I can remember, family, friends, and colleagues have often told me, “MaryAnn, you have a very different way of looking at things . . . you see life differently.”

Way back in childhood, I remember being fascinated with people and their stories.  In other words, I loved learning about people and what made them tick.  While being with others and listening to their stories, I noticed I was able to pick up clues or gain insights into what was really happening with the person.

Oftentimes during my pre-teen years, I would tell my parents what I sensed and they were surprised as to how I knew the “real” underlying cause of events that happened years ago [Read more…]

Create Videos that Transform Lives

It’s amazing how far we’ve come with video technology.  In the recent past you needed expensive equipment, editing software, and technical expertise to produce a professional looking video.  That’s all changed.  There’s a simple and easy way to create your own professional looking videos for your coaching, consulting, and healing practice – especially if you learn from great teachers.  I highly recommend Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins.  Bob hosts awesome training events with incredible faculty that provide rich content, easy to use tools & techniques, and most importantly – coach and encourage you to apply the knowledge immediately.  Did I mention . . . you meet fabulous like-minded, energetic and vibrant people who cheer you on and are delighted to celebrate your successes!

If you get excited about transforming people’s lives, then get your message out to the world through video. Video is the way to go – it’s easy to integrate into your blog and a brilliant approach to quickly grow your coaching, consulting, and healing practice.

You may remember guest blogger Kristen Eckstein, The Ultimate Book Coach, from Build Your Blog and Finish Your Book post a few days ago.  Kristen created this really cool video (What Should Go On the Back Cover of Your Book) at Bob the Teacher’s SIMPLE Video Velocity event.  As a matter-of-fact, at the video training we all (yes, even us “newbies”) created and submitted videos for a Video Idol contest. Check out and see why Kristen has the unique distinction of being voted #1 in the first ever Video Idol!!

If you would like to  . . .

Enhance your message and content

Learn how to reach millions with your own TV show (for free)

Create videos that sizzle

And, so much more . . .

Then make it a priority to attend the next SIMPLE training.  I plan to be there and would love to hang out with you, too!

Imagine the impact of transforming more lives . . . through your video creations.  The possibilities are endless!!! Now that’s something I get excited about!!


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