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I love the energetics of inspiration.  Inspiration is a powerful and dynamic flow of purposeful and productive energy that creates life magic. It’s like being lit up from the inside out.  When one is inspired, there is hopefulness, joy, and enthusiasm. In fact, the extraordinary is possible when you harness the energy of inspiration. In… [Continue Reading]

Choosing A Legacy

Everyone has a story . . . and each one of us, at some point in life, experiences something so unique, so personal that it changes us forever.  This experience can be positive or negative . . . it’s all in how you perceive it.  The question is – does it keep you in the… [Continue Reading]

What’s On Your Leap List?

A “Leap Without Limits List” (“Leap List” for short) can dramatically increase your level of aliveness, vitality, happiness and overall well-being.  A Leap List (a hand-written description of your heart’s desires) is designed to fuel and energize your business and life.   As an important side note, the words “without limits” play a huge role in… [Continue Reading]

Leader Shift

There’s a major shift or change, taking place in the world and it’s no longer “business as usual.” In the ever-changing business landscape, transformational leaders have become the way-showers. Transformational leaders operate from a win/win mindset focused on contribution and collaboration versus a competitive mindset focused on winners and losers. What I discovered, while interviewing… [Continue Reading]

Leadership and Personal Development

LWL Women


Who you would BE

What you would DO

If you could lead, leap, inspire… without limits?


Leap Without Limits is more than personal development and self-discovery. It’s access to your genius and stepping into your role as a transformational leader!

It’s going beyond your limitations to transform your life and leadership. When you’re really clear about who you are, why you do what you do and your intention (a guiding force toward a future result), your whole life opens to amazing possibilities and synchronicities!

“The greatest contribution we make to humanity is our commitment to grow and evolve – to raise our level of consciousness. The more conscious we become, the more we care about each other, the planet, all its inhabitants, and ourselves. When we read books about personal growth, attend workshops and classes that help us to understand ourselves better, and take action to change our lives, we naturally contribute to the betterment of the world.”

~ Cheryl Richardson, Best-selling Author, Speaker & Coach

Take it to the next level

We all have potential and genius that it ready to burst forth and move us from ordinary living to extraordinary living. Imagine finding peace – an inner place of peace – no matter what is going on around you. You deserve a life experience that overflows with grace, ease, abundance, peace and joy. It is available to YOU!

If you have a hunger to grow, a desire to understand yourself, and a commitment to go deeper . . . take it to the next level. If you’re brave enough to become more self-aware and intentional with your choices then you’re ready to Leap Without Limits to fully embody your inner potential and the miraculous already Joywithin you!

Truth be told . . . the only thing that really matters in life and makes us super successful is . . . loving who you are, loving what you do and loving how you do it!

Now, that’s something to get excited about!

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MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, PhD is a speaker, author, Business Energetics and Conversational Intelligence® coach & consultant.  MaryAnn’s passion is mentoring forward thinking, open-minded influencers who make BIG decisions on an organizational level so THEY CAN…be more trusting of their decisions, bring spontaneity into their structure and see things from a 360 degree perspective.  This allows influencers to lead more effectively, inspire their teams, maximize their results and impact the greater good.