Our Mission

Living & Leading By Conscious Design


Leap Without Limits is dedicated to being a leading edge consciousness development and coaching company that advances the understanding and practice of Conscious Communication for creating, living, and leading YOUR best life, now!

Our intent is to teach you how to move beyond your limitations so you can profoundly experience consciousness for greater ease in everyday living at home, at work, and at play.


Glass GlobeLeap Without Limits believes that Conscious Communication, which is based on universal principles and science, is life transforming!  Conscious Communication is the key component to be in alignment with your life, passion and purpose.

Our mission is to teach and mentor individuals who realize the world is changing and know this shift calls for innovative leaders.  Leaders who are authentic – the real deal – leaders who walk their talk!

Innovative leadership begins with YOU being authentically you, first!  Then, this authentic wisdom is consistently applied to your life, which — depending on your “mission” — expands to communities, organizations, nations, and the world at large.

We would be honored to help you and your organization leap without limits through your transformation!  Our training, products, and services focus on personal, business and leadership development for entrepreneurs and corporations.    Contact us today.