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“Blasted through a prior sales record by 40% …”

Caterina Rando

Thanks to MaryAnn D’Ambrosio and her Y.E.S. Prosperity Coaching, I was able to “gracefully” increase a prior sales record by 40% to achieve my best-ever event performance ever.  MaryAnn’s unique approach of aligning 4 levels of energy to match desired performance results is masterful and is exactly what I needed to achieve this milestone.  If you’re looking to dramatically increase your performance and prosperity, say ‘Yes’ to working with MaryAnn.”

Caterina Rando
Founder of The Sought After Speaker Summit and
The Business Breakthrough Summit


“A great experience that was very profitable …”


“Well, first of all I’ve got to thank you MaryAnn, for having such a great sense of what was needed for me in that moment, you know – as we were going through the pre-event kind of energy shifting. I can intellectualize a lot of what I need to do and how I prepare and what not. But having that extra time with you just kind of grounded me, set me on the right track for feeling through the experience instead of just going through the motions.

It was a great experience that was very profitable for me! I’ve done a lot of events, I’ve hosted a lot of events, I’ve spoken in a lot of events and by far the events that I’m not the host, this was the best event that I’ve ever done.  And the events that I have hosted, by the way, you know you helped there too!

The coaching that you offered me and the work that we did together took what, 15 minutes, I don’t even think it took that long – maybe even ten, resulted in at least $8,000 in direct business from new clients who came on.  And, the additional clients that I will be getting from the (8 new) joint venture partners and the webinars I’ll be doing – will result in between $5,000 to $15,000 per joint venture partner.

We’re talking about a significant pump in revenue thanks to this energy alignment and shifting coaching that you offered to me. So that’s why I’m going to come back and keep on coming back.”

Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins
Sought after Business Coach, Speaker, and Internet Marketing Consultant


“I was unstoppable …”

JannTaber“Yes! I lived to tell about it! I recently gave the inaugural Rebelwoman “keynote.” Woo Hoo!  MaryAnn D’Ambrosio aligned, calibrated and energized me the day before and I was unstoppable … even when the groundskeeper at the country club walked in at the height of my presentation to announce that a silver Volvo was blocking the entrance to the 17th hole…”

Jann Taber
eWomen Network Managing Director,  Elk Grove, CA


“Super excited to say all three intentions happened or are in …”

Kristen Eckstein headshot hi-resol copy

Working with MaryAnn D’Ambrosio right before speaking at the Connecticut Women’s Alliance annual conference was like breathing in peace and tranquility. I don’t usually get nervous until I’m right up on stage, and with MaryAnn there was nothing but an air of excitement. I set three intentions during our session together and I’m super excited to say all three either happened already or are currently in the works! Do yourself a favor and book MaryAnn for a private session once. I guarantee you’ll want her to work with you every time you set foot in front of an audience after that first session!”

Kristen J. Eckstein
The Ultimate Book Coach and Sought After Independent Publishing Expert


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