Anonymous Extraordinaries

Soleira Green is a global visionary and co-founder of the Visionary Network.  She knows a thing or two about being extraordinary and was moved to write about the following inspirational video.

I’d like to share what Soleira Green has to say about Anonymous Extraordinaries . . .

“I watched another brilliant video yesterday, this one with Natalie Warne, a teenager talking about being young and making an impact.  In her talk, she uses the term ‘anonymous extraordinaries’ and it struck me as I heard it just how many amazing people I know all over the world who are exactly that!

People with kindness oozing out of every pore, with generosity that puts me in awe.

People who are hardly ever seen or known who do extraordinary things for the planet. Like all the little known 60 – 80 year olds I’ve met who were at the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 that woke us all up and started us on this incredible journey of creational evolution. Thanks to all of you who were there!

People who care so profoundly that they put their lives on the line to work in disaster areas and put their financial futures on hold to go to little known places to help inspire those who need a helping hand.

People of vision and passion who put their visions at the forefront of their lives, living and breathing new possibilities until they become real.

People who sit at work in conflict situations sourcing things to turn out while hardly saying a word.

People who strive against systems, nationally and internationally, to adopt children who so deserve a great and loving home.

People who emanate love onto the planet every day for no other purpose than to see us be the best we can be.

In my view, this world is full of extraordinary people. We may not be reading about them in the news or discovering their best sellers on Amazon, but they are there, millions strong, all around the planet, making sure that the human race is doing ok … and more than that, inspiring us to become something profoundly greater than we’ve ever been before. To all the anonymous extraordinaries all over the world, I want to say a great big whopping thank you for simply being who you are and inspiring us all to do and be more!”

I’m completely on board with Soleira’s view and also believe our world is full of extraordinary people, inspiring us to become greater than we’ve ever been before.


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