Inspired By…


I love the energetics of inspiration.  Inspiration is a powerful and dynamic flow of purposeful and productive energy that creates life magic. It’s like being lit up from the inside out.  When one is inspired, there is hopefulness, joy, and enthusiasm.

In fact, the extraordinary is possible when you harness the energy of inspiration.

In his book, “Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior,” David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. writes that “Great works of art, music, and architecture … [Read more…]

Anonymous Extraordinaries

Soleira Green is a global visionary and co-founder of the Visionary Network.  She knows a thing or two about being extraordinary and was moved to write about the following inspirational video.

I’d like to share what Soleira Green has to say about Anonymous Extraordinaries . . .

“I watched another brilliant video yesterday, this one with Natalie Warne, a teenager talking about being young and making an impact.  In her talk, she uses the term ‘anonymous extraordinaries’ and it struck me as I heard it just how many amazing people I know all over the world who are exactly that! [Read more…]

Ordinary People Experience Extraordinary Success

In our fast paced world, there seems to be a persistent need to re-invent ourselves and our work on a daily basis.  No matter how rocky or difficult the challenges you might be facing, keep in mind that some of the greatest people who’ve lived have overcome incredible obstacles and hardships on their paths to success. [Read more…]

Daily Inspiration

The definition for inspiration is: Breathe into or upon; Motivation or encouragement; Divine influence; Sudden intuition or creative insight.

Inspirational Roses

It’s wonderful to receive blessings and inspiration. What happened several years ago in my corporate position still brings me inspiration!  Joanne, a colleague of mine, was celebrating a birthday and her husband surprised her with 3-dozen gorgeous roses.  Joanne came into my office and generously offered me (actually, she insisted I receive) nine roses.  Talk about blessings and inspiration. I was taken with this big-hearted gesture and nudged by my intuition to take several pictures of the bouquet. What Joanne has yet to learn is that one of her birthday roses has became part of my 33 Flashcards for the Soul™” card deck and paired with the word “Inspiration.” I can’t wait to tell Joanne that her gifted rose has brought Inspiration to hundreds of people.  I’m eternally grateful that she shared her gorgeous birthday roses with me.

Beautiful flowers and gardens serve as visual stimuli that stir my heart and lift my spirit!  I believe their varied colors, aromatic fragrances, and interesting shapes exist to inspire and reveal to us our own potential through their incredible beauty.

It’s been said that flowers contain the essence of creativity. What better way to take in creative energy and get inspired?

If you’re looking for inspiration to move you forward on a creative project or complex endeavor, then gently wrap your hands around a rose and breathe in its essence. It works every time!

Affirmation: “I use the amazing beauty in nature to stir and awaken my inspiration.”

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