Without Limits

Are you ready for a life transition that gracefully aligns with your life purpose to allow more time, more energy, more happiness and prosperity into your life?   Simply put, Leap Without Limits is where your potential and unlimited possibilities unite — changing your life — into all you imagined and dreamed it could be.md_logo_without_limits_mech_03

We take the Law of Attraction to the next level of awareness through the alignment of Conscious Communication. Conscious Communication is a powerful energy system, based on universal principles and science, that heightens awareness so that you can purposely or consciously design each life transition.  (It may sound a bit complicated, yet it’s really simple.) When you come to understand the energetic power within Conscious Communication you begin to intentionally design and create the future outcomes or experiences YOU desire And by “you” we mean:  “you” the individual, “you” the organization, and “you” the company.

Leap Without Limits works with heart-based leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service professionals who are tired of spinning their wheels and would like to apply the deeper wisdom of the Law of Attraction to transition and design an extraordinary life.  We work with individuals who are ready to lead . . . they’re standing up and stepping forward.  They understand there’s a major shift or change taking place in the world and it’s no longer “business as usual.”

The heart-based entrepreneurs and professionals who are on-board, know the new model for personal and professional success begins with being a leader in your own life first and that includes developing the energetics of Conscious Communication.



In this fast paced changing world, companies are faced with re-inventing their business on a daily basis. Legacy systems and processes that worked smoothly and consistently yesterday are outdated and demand extra resources today. Project teams are working around the clock to reduce current expenses and find new revenue streams by looking at productivity and innovation.

Yet, it’s the engaged employee and how she and he energetically show-up that drives future success. Research shows that engaged employees [read more]



Something amazing happens when an entrepreneur’s mission, purpose, and service (their passion filled “work”) align.  The entrepreneur feels vibrantly alive and knows she’s here to play a much bigger role in her “service” business.It’s easy to thrive in a passion-filled business when there is . . . [read more]


Personal and Leadership Development

LWL Women

Imagine . . .

Who you would BE . . .

What you would DO . . .

If you could lead, leap, inspire without limits?


Leap Without Limits is more than personal development and self-discovery.  It’s access to your genius and stepping into your role as a leader!

It’s going beyond your limitations to transform your life and leadership.  When you’re really clear about who you are and why you do what you do (your intention), your life opens up to amazing possibilities and synchronicities!   [read more]

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By learning to tune-in to your inner voice and inner knowing, you take yourself and your organization to a higher level of awareness, authenticity, clarity, creativity, and prosperity!

Before you take the first step – begin the transition.  Simply sign-up today, (see right hand column) and instantly receive your own copy of the FREE Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit.  In the toolkit, you’ll find easy steps and helpful tips that give you the go-ahead to breathe easier, feel more relaxed and BE in charge of your life.  Now, you’re living!

Getting Started . . .

If your intuition is nudging you to step up, align with your life purpose, and make a life transition to inspire others to live their greatness, then – you are being asked to leap without limits!

“There is a space for you in the world with your name on it . .. and your part is the lead part.  No matter who you are, it’s the lead.  Because only you can play it, and without you it doesn’t happen.” ~ Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of “I Remember Union”