Experience New Possibilities


photo credit Maciej Lewandowski

Ready to leap without limits? Expansion, growth and extending something beyond limits is all about stretching your perspective.  You’ve heard the expression – “What you see, is what you get!” Right? This expression is literally at play all the time. As you process what you “see” your reference system validates the experience.  Here’s where things become circular.  The more you view things in the same way – the more things stay the same.  As you begin to stretch [Read more…]

A Stretch in Perspective

For as long as I can remember, family, friends, and colleagues have often told me, “MaryAnn, you have a very different way of looking at things . . . you see life differently.”

Way back in childhood, I remember being fascinated with people and their stories.  In other words, I loved learning about people and what made them tick.  While being with others and listening to their stories, I noticed I was able to pick up clues or gain insights into what was really happening with the person.

Oftentimes during my pre-teen years, I would tell my parents what I sensed and they were surprised as to how I knew the “real” underlying cause of events that happened years ago [Read more…]