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Lead.Leap.Inspire dots wolSomething amazing happens when an entrepreneur’s mission, purpose, and service (their passion filled “work”) align. The entrepreneur feels vibrantly alive and knows she’s here to play a much bigger role in her “service” business.

It’s easy to thrive in a passion-filled business when there is . . . Oval heart with wings

  • A continuous flow of new clients,
  • Time to create and launch successful programs, products and services,
  • A steady stream of sponsors and
  • Ideal joint venture partners who consistently seek you out to work together.

The true “test” of an entrepreneur’s service and spirit is awareness – supported by clarity of purpose, priorities that expand the vision, and focus to carry it out especially when . . .

  • New Clients engage less frequently,
  • Creative ideas drop off,
  • Programs, services, and products become less popular and
  • Key sponsors and joint venture partners move on.

Sure, there are always fluctuations in business and the key to sustaining on-going success is to apply an inside-out approach. In other words, to grow your business, grow yourself! Become aware of how you’re showing up in each moment and you’ll significantly impact results!


md_logo_symbol_01If you’ve been receiving less than stellar results in your business and want to be more in the flow of prosperity, MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, PhD can assist you in advancing your “BIG” entrepreneurial vision, ideas, and projects.

As a visionary businesswoman with an expertise in energetics (the art & science of energy and transformation), MaryAnn instantly and naturally identifies and realigns energetic communication patterns and in-congruences that prevent you from achieving your desired results.

One of MaryAnn’s major initiatives is to work with entrepreneurs to set them up for success through an Inside-Out Approach to rapid results in business. Contact MaryAnn to learn how she can help you and your business experience exceptional business results.


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MaryAnn D’Ambrosio knows a thing or two about energetics (the art & science of energy and transformation) and results. For over 30 years, MaryAnn applied her MBA in the electric utility industry to oversee performance results and process improvement. In the last several years of her success-filled corporate career, something exceptional happened. MaryAnn aligned her MBA experience with the knowledge and skills from her Masters in Metaphysics to take intentions, goal setting and performance results to a masterful level. (In the process, extraordinary synchronicities began happening at work and in her personal life.) It’s crystal clear to MaryAnn that this blended know-how is the missing piece for most business professionals and entrepreneurs that will catapult their results.