A Stretch in Perspective

For as long as I can remember, family, friends, and colleagues have often told me, “MaryAnn, you have a very different way of looking at things . . . you see life differently.”

Way back in childhood, I remember being fascinated with people and their stories.  In other words, I loved learning about people and what made them tick.  While being with others and listening to their stories, I noticed I was able to pick up clues or gain insights into what was really happening with the person.

Oftentimes during my pre-teen years, I would tell my parents what I sensed and they were surprised as to how I knew the “real” underlying cause of events that happened years ago and had only been shared in confidence with a few individuals.  This validation helped me see and appreciate others in a whole new way and on a different level.

From a young age, instead of buying into a person’s “sad” story, (that I later learned was being imprinted and perpetuated), I noticed possibilities, a person’s greatness and their unlimited potential.  At first, I didn’t know what to do with the information I received, other than process it.  What I really wanted to do was to be of service.  So, I silently blessed everyone that I came into contact with and, I also blessed his or her circumstances.  Over time, I gained the confidence and courage to share my observations and openly express possibilities – the brilliance and genius that I saw within others.

If you’d like to see more than a tiny speck in relation to the whole, perhaps it’s time to stretch your perspective.  Tomorrow, I’ll share 3 practices that I use everyday to cultivate and stretch my perspective.

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