Catch the Inspiration (part 1 of 4)

Recently I was reflecting on my corporate days and thinking about a morning ritual that we practiced for years.  I would bring in a deck of inspirational cards to the office and everyone in the group would draw a card for the day.  This was my way of lighting people up and bringing energy into the energy business – (keep the power and lights on kind of energy for 3 states). My colleagues found that every time they selected a card, it was perfect for that moment and helped set the tone for their day.  The daily message was always meaningful.  As a matter of fact – even after I moved to another division and building, colleagues would call me up and ask if I had my cards.  They wanted to stop over, draw a card, and – receive a much-needed message.

About two weeks before attending Bob the Teacher’s SIMPLE event in Baltimore, a close friend of mine suggested I create a deck of inspirational cards for my clients.  I pondered the idea for a few minutes (a seed was planted) and then let it go.

The card idea resurfaced at a pre-SIMPLE mastermind meeting with Bob Jenkins (Bob the Teacher) and two mastermind partners. We were sitting around discussing what we would commit to in our business over the next 3 months.  Before I knew it, I heard myself saying, “It would be really cool to create my own deck of inspirational cards.” And there you have it, I spontaneously committed to creating a deck of inspirational cards without a clue as to how I was going to make it happen. And yet, I trusted it would come to be.  (Talk about blind faith.)

It felt like the cards were taking on a life of their own.  For the next three days, the project percolated during SIMPLE.  I got more and more excited about the possibility of the cards becoming a reality.

I caught the inspiration. Inspiration is the spark that fuels creativity and set my heart’s desire in motion.  I work with a multi-Dimensional energy approach to creation and Desire is the first step, followed by Decision, Design, and Do (Take Inspired Action).

Part 2 continues with the 2nd D in the creation processDecision and why “It Almost Didn’t Happen.”


MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. is the creator of Flashcards for the Soul™. Dr. MaryAnn’s passion is to work with individuals and groups who are ready to “leap” and experience a more vibrant, dynamic on-purpose life.  MaryAnn teaches educators, coaches, consultants, and professionals how to access the language of creation by tuning into inner wisdom and lining up the energy to create their heart’s desire.  If you’ve been merely surviving instead of thriving, be sure to pick-up your F*R*E*E Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at: