Overcome Overwhelm

Have you noticed that your work commitments have increased, your income decreased (it’s being stretched beyond belief) and you can’t even remember the last time you were able to relax? In our fast paced society, we’re constantly bombarded with information and requests.  Hurry up . . . read this . . . do that . . . come over here . . . remember, finish this first, etc. . . . “excess” information has a way of taking on a life of its own.

Before you know it – overwhelm has taken-up residency in your already full life.   Face it, overwhelm puts us into over-capacity mode and is a real energy zapper!  The sensory overload in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies can quickly stop us in our tracks. The most debilitating part of overwhelm is constriction of creative juice and internal drive.  In other words, what we most need is “grace and ease” yet it’s struggle, procrastination, and frustration that camp out on our doorstep.

Isn’t it time to stop spinning your wheels — hit the reset button — and allow yourself to experience an easier way of living?  How about taking a few minutes each day just for you? The good news is:  breaking free of overwhelm is possible. Easy solutions that you can immediately apply to your life are readily available.

Simply go to www.LeapWithoutLimits.com to pick up your free Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit. The toolkit contains easy steps and helpful tips that help you breathe easier, feel more relaxed and BE in charge of your life. Often what contributes most to overwhelm is the clutter we ALLOW to exist in our lives. Be sure to check out the quick assessment in the Toolkit that identifies clutter spots (it’s not just the physical stuff).  By simply becoming more aware of what “clutters” exist, you can take steps to remove it and clear out the feeling of overwhelm at the same time!  That’s a two for one.  The Toolkit also identifies 15 Easy Ways to Shift Your Energy and Ease Overwhelm.

What are you waiting for?  Receive your F*R*E*E* Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at www.LeapWithoutLimits.com today!  Now, you’re much closer to thriving instead of merely surviving.


MaryAnn D’Ambrosio’s passion is to work with individuals who are ready to “leap” and live a more vibrant on-purpose life.  MaryAnn teaches heart-based entrepreneurs and professionals how to access the language of creation by tuning into their inner wisdom to create their heart’s desire.  If you’ve been merely surviving instead of thriving be sure to pick-up your F*R*E*E Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at:  www.LeapWithoutLimits.com