Fire Up Your Creativity

Have you ever wondered what fires up creativity and brings new ideas to life?  This short video looks at 3 energetic ways to skyrocket creativity.




What’s your favorite?  Remember to post a comment below to let me know what energetic way you’ve chosen to fire up your creativity.


Time Out to Map Out

A super short post today so I can slow down to speed-up!

Have you noticed life has a way of taking on a life of it’s own when you’re “crazy” busy.  One way to experience life fully is to slow down to speed-up.  Slowing down to speed up may sound counter-intuitive.  Yet, it works!  It’s like having your own “magic” button that stops time in order for you to catch-up, re-organize and re-gain focus on what’s important. The inspired action steps seem to fall into place once you slow down.

Allow your creative genius to flow (YES, you have it) and assist you in identifying priorities to create an action plan.  Get out paper, colored pens and highlighters to create a list or a mind map. If you prefer to use mind-mapping software there are options: Freemind (it’s easy to use and comes with a tutorial) and SimpleMind, a free iPad app.

It’s important to get everything out of your mind, off tiny scraps of paper and onto one sheet.   Once you’ve created your list of “projects,” outline the steps and identify items that need to be addressed immediately (add completion dates & use color codes to prioritize).

You’re almost there. Here’s an essential practice: tune into what you want the outcome to look and feel like.  In your mind’s eye play out the scene and picture everything being completed with ease. (That’s how you want it, right?) Move forward confidently knowing you’ve got a plan that will take you to the finish line!

Speak Your Mind . . . I’d love to hear the practices you use to slow-down to speed-up.

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio’s passion is to work with individuals and groups who are ready to “leap” and experience a more vibrant on-purpose life.  MaryAnn teaches corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals how to access the language of creation by tuning into inner wisdom and lining up the energy to create their heart’s desire.  If you’ve been merely surviving instead of thriving be sure to pick-up your F*R*E*E Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at:

Transitioning To A More Fulfilling Life

Welcome to Lead Out Loud Now!  My name is MaryAnn D’Ambrosio and I’m so glad you’re here!

Transitioning to a more fulfilling life, involves paying attention to your inner world to create outer results.

Today, you’ll get a peak inside my inner world and how it changed my outer world.

For many years, my deepest desire was to re-invent myself and re-design my life.  I wanted to play the leading role and allow creative genius to flow through — instead of listening to all the “shoulds” in my head.  I craved more fulfilling work, a lifestyle filled with freedom, flexibility, and elegant possibilities.  There were many times when I wondered if and when this inner vision would be transformed into reality.

I’m happy to report it’s finally happening. Taking action on my vision transformed it and moved it forward in a big way.  On April 1st of 2010 (yes, April’s Fools Day), I took an important step (more like a quantum leap) by leaving corporate America (after 30 plus years in the electric utility industry) to venture out on my own.  Initially, this was a very scary thought.  Now that I’ve made the leap, all kinds of incredible things are happening in my life.  Each day is better than the last and I often pinch myself to make sure it’s real!

If you’re interested in re-designing your life  . . . stay open to possibilities and give yourself time to explore “what” brings you joy.

  • What lights you up?
  • What makes your heart sing (and your feet dance)?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What kinds of things have you enjoyed in the past?
  • What comes natural to you?
  • What is your definition of a GREAT LIFE?

What you may discover is . . . that you don’t have to leave your job, buy a new home, make millions of dollars, or travel half way around the world to find your true love in order to transform your life.  Start by taking the first step to reveal:  “how do I do, what I do — happier.”  Now that’s an idea worth pursuing.

Making the decision to leave a safe, secure, yet unfulfilled corporate position was a big step.  Walking into my bosses’ office — to let him know I wanted to “retire” — was the game changer.  Now, I’m playing full out and having a ball!

If you knew you would SUCCEED, what area in your life would you like to re-design?

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio loves working with highly motivated individuals who want more out of life and are looking to re-design an aspect of their life.  MaryAnn has re-invented herself and electrified her life by transitioning out of corporate America (after 30 plus years in the electric utility industry) to venture out on her own.  Initially, a very scary thought.  Now that she’s made the leap, all kinds of interesting things are happening in her business and life.  You’ll want to stay tuned to Leap Without Limits  to learn more!