Wanted: A Passionate Life. Will Settle for Happiness.

I once read a story about a woman named Molly who wanted to live a passionate authentic life.  There were only two things holding her back . . . (1) she was tired of spinning her wheels and (2) she had run out of ideas. Molly, being somewhat resourceful, decided to jump start her passionate life by soliciting help from her friends.

Molly quickly sent an email to her friends with a link to a personal survey that said “You know me.  Please identify the top 3 choices for me (with 1=Best Choice).  Should I:  Open a boutique?  Sell my condo and move across country?   Visit India for 3 months?  Quit my job and become a writer?  Marry my boyfriend? Alongside the survey, Molly also included a spreadsheet with a list of personal qualities.  The instructions said:  “Please check the qualities that best describe me.  When you have completed the survey and spreadsheet simply email them back to me. I will have a professional tabulate them and will let you know the results.”  (Hmm . . . a Professional what?  Therapist?  Life Coach?  Accounting Firm?)  Molly was expecting to be presented with documentation within a few weeks that would fully disclose the path to an authentic passion filled life.

Sorry, Molly –  documentation prepared by outsiders can not reveal the truth that lies within YOUR heart. The story went on to say that Molly’s friends thought she was “nuts” and told her so.  Now, she’s back to figuring out – on her own – what makes her happy.  Oh, if she only knew about the Passion Test.

Are you someone who wakes up every morning (even on gorgeous sunny days) wondering how you’re going to get through the crazy busy day?  Do you long for more time, energy and bounce in your step?  In this fast paced world, so many of us are looking for ways to add more life to our living.  If you’ve ever felt like Molly and wanted support in discovering your passions  – yes, there is something you can do about it.  Take the Passion Test.

The Passion Test is simple to take, fun to do and profoundly effective.  It’s an easy, fun, non-threatening test which no one can fail.  It will help you discover and obtain clarity about what is most important to YOU in your life.  The One to One Consultations with a Certified Passion Test Facilitator will give you the confidence to think bigger and reach for what you want, not just for what you think you can have.   Now, that’s something to get excited about!!

If you’re being nudged to check out the Passion Test, do it today.  Who knows . . . when you discover your passions and begin to live from that space – you’ll expand in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.  (I know it can happen.  It did for me — and, it can happen for you, too!)

By the way – if you happen to know Molly – be sure to share this with her.  It will go a long way in supporting her desire for a passion filled life.

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio loves working with highly motivated individuals who want more to life than just work and are looking to easily re-design and re-purpose an aspect of their life.  MaryAnn has re-invented herself and electrified her life by transitioning out of corporate America (after 30 plus years in the electric utility industry) to venture out on her own.  Initially, a very scary thought.  Now that she’s made the leap, all kinds of interesting things are happening in her business and life.  You’ll want to stay tuned to Leap Without Limits to learn more!