On the Shoulders of Giants!

If you’re serious about growing your business and thinking about selecting a business coach who’s more of a mentor – check out the following tips from my friend, colleague, and today’s guest blogger Chris Makell.    Chris is an authentic leader, a “walk the talk” mentor and someone who’s extraordinary at coaching individuals who are ready to “Think Big . . . Play Bigger!” (She knows what she’s talking about.  Thanks to Chris’ coaching and mentoring,  I was able to tune-up my coaching program and approach, to successfully attract high-level clients within days of our coaching session.) It’s an absolute honor to share Chris Makell’s wisdom with you.

“For the past 5 years, I’ve invested in classroom training, personal coaching and home study programs to grow my skills and expertise as a coach. I’ve also worked with personal coaches to guide me in pursuing excellence as a coach and to develop the “business owner” skills rarely taught in coaching schools. I can count the number of coaches I’ve worked with on one hand and I’m proud to say that each time I’ve “grown up” just a little bit more.

Each coach brought me to a new level of learning about my talents and abilities to focus my coaching business and myself. All were pretty solid in their own talents and abilities – or I wouldn’t have worked with them. Well, except for one – there’s always one. And by the way, that one was absolutely necessary. They teach you what to look out for in the future. So it was a good learning experience, even though it wasn’t as joyful…

And now, I’m looking at my other hand, counting my new coach, who is more of a mentor. This was a very thoughtful decision, on both our parts, made primarily based on following this mentor/coach for about a year before attending one of his workshops. There I got to see and experience him “up close and personal”. And I have to say this is different – for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I am now “grown up” enough to better select “the giant on whose shoulders I want to stand!”

Based on this experience, I want to share a few tips with you, so that you can save time and money when searching for and selecting the mentor/coach who can help you grow and create a more successful life and/or business!

Tip #1 – Follow them around

Now, I don’t mean stalk them that could get you some legal coaching. What I mean is, subscribe to their newsletter, if they have one – and if they don’t you may want to question how they stay in touch with you, so that you can learn more from them. You want to have or hear a consistent “ping” from a coach or mentor so that you can assess their style, where they stand and how they think. Then you can decide if they can deliver what you need. Also, if they offer free teleseminars or teleclasses, join in and listen, then you’ll hear them in action and decide if you like what you hear.

Tip #2 – Try them out and see how they fit

You know those really comfortable shoes you just love to wear when you’re in for a long day? You just know you’re going to wear these shoes when you are traveling, racing through the airport, or in that all day meeting that leads to dinner, etc. Well, you should try out the coach/mentor’s products, workshops, and offerings to see if they’re comfortable for the long journey you’re on, in building your business. I have purchased home study programs and referred back to them years later for tips – that’s comfort.  You want to know if they can help you increase your business by going deeper and investing in an entry level program or product, that gives you a better experience than just the free “goodies”.

Tip #3 – Does it feels right, for where you want to go?

Investing in yourself by working with a mentor/coach is serious business and you want to feel it’s right for you. So use tips 1 & 2 to help you get a good feel for this person.

Ask yourself:

–       Are they consistent?

–       Do they say things that make sense to you?

–       Are they clear and give you action you can ACTUALLY take?

–       And most important, are they where you WANT to go?

You see that last question is probably the biggest question you have to answer for yourself and your business. Are THEY where you want to go? Because you want someone to pull you forward to the lifestyle and business you want to lead. Otherwise, you’ll likely move forward, but at a much slower pace and with a little more pain.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go in your life or business, why not take advantage of those who have gone before you. Why not, stand on the shoulders of giants and get yourself there faster?”


As the business mentor/coach to the service professional who is ready to thrive and experience abundance, Chris Makell is particularly skilled at showing her clients a different way to ”Think Big…Play Bigger™” so that they create profitable 6 & 7-figure businesses.

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