What’s the Buzz? (part 2)

The mystery and meaning of life was unceremoniously revealed to me one Saturday afternoon in the fall of 1999. What began as an ordinary weekend of classes at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, ended up being extraordinary. The powerful discovery has had a profound impact on my life and in turn, the lives of others. This post is Part 2 (of 2).

Part 1 – A pre-travel briefing.

Let the journey begin . . .

In my shamanic journey to “Lower World,” I stepped out of the tunnel and saw reddish-brown earth, tall trees, and very few animals.  In fact, it took a few minutes before I came across an animal (don’t even remember the type) that said no, he was not my power animal.  There was however, this little bee that suddenly appeared three times during the adventure and then continued to follow me.  Much to my surprise, the bee said, “YES” when asked if it was my power animal.

Upon returning from the journey most of my classmates were eager to share their experience. In the session follow-up, several classmates described elaborate adventures with their bear, dolphin, and eagle power animals.  Initially, I felt out of place. My tiny “bee” didn’t hold a candle to the large animals.  And yet, when Richard inquired about my power animal and the gift, amazingly – everything clicked-in.  I recalled the bee saying, Just Bee” as the gift. Hmmm, interesting . . . nothing other than the bee.  A nano-second later, I realized the bee had given me the timeless gift of just “be.” Now it made perfect sense – the mystery was revealed.

Just be . . . here, in the now – fully present! (Be present, it’s the gift you give to others! When you’re fully present with someone they know it and feel acknowledged.)

Just be . . . in the moment.  (This practice allows access to opportunities that would have gone unnoticed if you were thinking about a “past” or “future” event!)

Just be . . . yourself. (Be who you are fully – without pretense.)

Shamanic cultures believe that when we are born, the spirit of at least one animal volunteers itself to protect and guide us throughout our life. I’m most grateful for the journey to “Lower World” and delighted the bee revealed itself to me.

I believe miracles happen everyday and the human spirit is unstoppable. It’s an honor to have the bee as my guide, the symbol of accomplishing the impossible. (Aerodynamically, the bee’s body is too large for its wings and should not be able to fly. )

I also believe that everything is interconnected and the meaning and purpose behind what appear to be random, everyday events are, in fact, signposts that guide and direct us to experience life fully!

Remember to just be . . . slow down, smell the flowers and taste the sweet nectar of life.

In what ways have you discovered the meaning of life?

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