Time for R&R

photo credit MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

After challenging or stretching myself on a major project or initiative – I like to finish-up with R&R . . . Reflection and Relaxation. Reflection helps me grow so I can leap without limits and relaxation allows new creative endeavors to blossom so I can experience “magic and miracles” everyday!

Reflection . . .

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they’re doing!” ~ Dale Carnegie

5 Ultimate Blog Challenge Ah-has

1.  To experience life fully, add A Touch of G-Force (Grace and Gratitude) to uplift any challenge.

2.  Great ideas pop-in and out of the mind quickly.  When you have a lot going on, pause – take Time Out to Map Out the plan!

3.  Even when you begin a goal with a mission and vision, stay open to a shift in perspective to Experience New Possibilities.

4.  Friends enthusiastically jump-in to help out during a challenge.  The key is to ask.  A special thanks to guest bloggers . . .
Kristen Eckstein
, The Ultimate Book Coach:  http://leapwithoutlimits.com/build-your-blog-and-finish-your-book/

Chris Makell, Courage to “Think Bigger” Business Coach:  http://leapwithoutlimits.com/on-the-shoulders-of-giants/

Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing: http://leapwithoutlimits.com/dont-trust-your-intuition/

5.  Bouquets of gratitude go to new online friends who inspired me throughout the challenge with brilliant blog posts filled with a treasure chest of wisdom, practical tips and whimsical wonderment.

Relaxation . . .

The ultimate blog challenge has been a fun adventure.  Now it’s to time to put my feet up and relax – at least until tomorrow!  Will you join me?


MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. is the creator of Flashcards for the Soul™. Dr. MaryAnn’s passion is to work with individuals and groups who are ready to “leap” and experience a more vibrant, dynamic on-purpose life.  MaryAnn teaches educators, coaches, consultants, and professionals how to access the language of creation by tuning inward and lining up the energy to create their heart’s desire.  If you’ve been merely surviving instead of thriving, be sure to pick-up your F*R*E*E Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at:  LeapWithoutLimits.com