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Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Women Entrepreneurs

Does your business come from a heart-centered mission?

Do you have a desire to uplift and inspire audiences with your message?
(Even if you’re new to pubic speaking)

Would you like to attract more ideal clients through speaking?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, you’re in the right place!


  Has this ever happened to YOU?

  You step on stage and feel uneasy or uncertain about the topic you’re about to present?

  You experience a disruption while speaking that totally throws your train of thought off track?

  You feel unsure about how to diffuse a challenging situation?

  You sense the room you’re presenting in feels off?

  You worry about technology failures?

  You wonder why you’re unable to book more speaking engagements?

  You question your ability to attract clients and prosper from your platform presentations?

  You watch a speaker captivate and light up an audience and wish you could do the same?

Whether you’re new to professional speaking or a seasoned sought after speaker … thoughts, feelings and unexpected challenges can shake your confidence and muffle your message.


Uplevel Your Speaking

Speaking Energetics, a proven system, elevates your platform performance by amplifying subtle energy levels to empower YOU as a speaker.

By the end of this 4-week Online Intensive…

  • Be ready to take the stage more powerfully
  • Discover how to quickly shift speaking challenges without disconnecting from your audience or skipping a beat in your presentation
  • Walk away from this training excited about your speaking and more confident about attracting your ideal clients, while having more fun every time you speak.

Energize Your Speaking & Sales …

How to Prepare, Present & Prosper From Your Speaking

Speaking Curtain

Throughout the 4-week Speaking Energetics Intensive

Discover and practice easy energetic solutions to break through challenges that keep you from stepping into the spotlight and being the best speaker you can be.

1Quickly determine what is preventing you from moving your speaking to the next level.

2Clarify your speaker vision to achieve your goals.

Learn the 5 essential speaker success elements you must be clear on to accelerate your prosperity.

4 Discover several simple practices your body will love and your spirit craves to be a confident, compelling and engaging speaker.

Develop energetic skills to enhance awareness of yourself, your room, 5and your audience that you can naturally tap into before and during your presentation.

6 Apply the practices in the 21-Day Speaking Energetics Guide to set you up for success as a sought after speaker!   

7Wake up each day knowing the energetic steps to take to be more comfortable in the speaker spotlight.


Speakers Who Have Energized Their Results …

“Blasted through a prior sales record by 40%…”

Caterina RandoThanks to MaryAnn D’Ambrosio and her Y.E.S. Prosperity Coaching, I was able to “gracefully” increase a prior sales record by 40% to achieve my best-ever event performance. MaryAnn’s unique approach of aligning 4 levels of energy to match desired performance results is masterful and is exactly what I needed to achieve this milestone. If you’re looking to dramatically increase your performance and prosperity, say ‘Yes’ to working with MaryAnn.”

Caterina Rando
Founder of The Sought After Speaker Summit and
The Business Breakthrough Summit

“Super excited to say all three intentions happened or are in…”

Kristen Eckstein headshot hi-resol copyWorking with MaryAnn D’Ambrosio right before speaking at the Connecticut Women’s Alliance annual conference was like breathing in peace and tranquility. I don’t usually get nervous until I’m right up on stage, and with MaryAnn there was nothing but an air of excitement. I set three intentions during our session together and I’m super excited to say all three either happened already or are currently in the works! Do yourself a favor and book MaryAnn for a private session once. I guarantee you’ll want her to work with you every time you set foot in front of an audience after that first session!”

Kristen J. Eckstein
The Ultimate Book Coach and Sought After Independent Publishing Expert

“I was unstoppable…”

JannTaber“Yes! I lived to tell about it! I recently gave the inaugural Rebelwoman “keynote.” Woo Hoo! MaryAnn D’Ambrosio aligned, calibrated and energized me the day before and I was unstoppable … even when the groundskeeper at the country club walked in at the height of my presentation to announce that a silver Volvo was blocking the entrance to the 17th hole…”

Jann Taber
eWomen Network Managing Director, Elk Grove, CA

“Having the right content and a good presentation is only part of the equation…”

“I signed up for MaryAnn D’Ambrosio’s Speaking Energetics Intensive to learn new ways to engage with clients.

MaryAnn skillfully introduced new models and concepts to help us better align our energy to our work. She helped me to think differently about how to prepare for a workshop. Having the right content and a good presentation is only part of the equation. MaryAnn provided the link to open up energetically for a more powerful impact.

I’m looking forward to applying the learning to my next speaking engagement. ”

Linda Coveney

“Gold nuggets in each of the four modules…”

“It was a pleasure participating in MaryAnn D’Ambrosio’s Speaking Energetics Intensive 4-week online training.   MaryAnn has extraordinary command and competencemasterfully moving us through each week of content and energy awareness exercises during each class and 21 days of practical exercises to deepen our understanding and implementation.  

Although I found gold nuggets in each of the 4 modules, the class on presence to enhance awareness of yourself, your room and your audience was especially beneficial.

It’s clear that MaryAnn models what she teaches. For anyone who wants to enhance their appeal, engagement, command and impact as a speaker, I highly recommend working with speaking energetics expert MaryAnn D’Ambrosio.”

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA
Coach, Speaker, Metaphysician and Director,
The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center

Small Group Size for More Personal Attention

The class is highly interactive so you can immediately apply Speaking Energetics to jump-start your speaker results.

Each session will be recorded and available for replay within 24 hours.    

About Your Trainer

MaryAnn DAmbrosio - high resolutionMaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, PhD, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Leap Without Limits, is super excited to introduce you to her Speaking Energetics Intensive.  You could say MaryAnn is energetically charged.   She swapped a lifelong corporate career in the power industry for one where she sparks entrepreneurs, educators, business leaders and service professionals to leap without limits and land in a place where they will grow and prosper.

How does she do it?  MaryAnn is a speaker, author, coach and energy healer.  MaryAnn understands the fields of energy that connect us all, and she takes audiences and workshop participants through a process that instantly unites their personal strengths with their passion for success.  An inspirational, engaging speaker, MaryAnn’s programs are at once thoughtful and thought provoking.  Her audiences naturally awaken to a deeper understanding and a new way of approaching business and life that brings about massive breakthroughs.


Join Us to Energize Your Speaking & Sales

Speaking Energetics Training

4-week Online Intensive

From the comfort of your home or office

Dates:  March 31, April 7, 14 & 21

Time:   1 PM Eastern Time/ 10 AM Pacific Time  

$197 ($249 value)

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Gain Skills and Momentum

Be a more confident, compelling, and engaging speaker! This training could be the key to unlocking your success as a speaker!

Walk Away From Each Session

Energized and Excited to Take Immediate Action with…

Valuable Resources

Tools, Techniques, Action Sheets and Checklists

   21-Day Speaking Energetics Guide

   Speaking Congruence Tool

   Techniques to Energize Your Speaking & Sales

  Speaking Wall Calendar ready for printing

   Speaking Priority Checklist

   The Speaking Energetics Matrix

        And so much more … including “live” spot coaching and alignments to energetically break through limits and aliven (become full of energy & spirit) YOUR Speaking! 


Surprise Bonus

MaryAnn loves giving surprise bonuses and you’ll receive at least one during the Speaking Energetics Training Intensive that is valued at over $125!

Plus, live spot coaching and alignments to energetically breakthrough limitations and aliven YOUR speaking are amazing extra bonuses!

Speaking Energetics Intensive

4-week Online Training

Only $197 ($249 value)

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