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Would you like to help me spread the word about Leap Without Limits programs and products so more people can learn how to become the best person they can be? If so, I’d like to pay you to do just that!

Partner with me to Spread the Leap Without Limits message!


If you tell others about Leap Without Limits offerings, I’ll pay you a commission on every sale you refer through my Affiliate Program!

What’s An Affiliate Program?

Many companies doing business on the web use affiliate programs as a way to market and sell their products and services. By inviting others to help promote their products and services, companies can increase their sales and those referring those sales can earn a commission. Its a win-win for both parties!

What Do Leap Without Limits Affiliates Get?

  • Up to 40% commission on EVERY sale you refer
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Commissions paid out as often as every month
  • Email notification every time you make a sale

What Do Leap Without Limits Affiliates Promote?

As an Affiliate you may promote and earn a commission on any of the qualifying products, programs and services currently available for sale on this web site. For recurring programs, you’ll receive a commission monthly.

Who Can Become a Leap Without Limits Affiliate?

The Leap Without Limits Affiliate program is open to anyone as long as you:

  • Use ethical marketing methods. No promotions via unsolicited email marketing (or “spam”).
  • Do not promote Leap Without Limits via web sites or marketing that contains offensive content.
  • Do not use your affiliate link for your own Leap Without Limits purchases.

How Do I Get Paid?

All commissions are paid by PayPal on the 15th of the month following the 30 day refund policy . Our shopping cart system keeps track of your sales and commissions. Once you become an affiliate you can log-in to our site anytime to check your account.

Thanks for helping me spread the word about Leap Without Limits. Here’s to a very prosperous relationship!