Given Up Making Resolutions


Yes, it’s true. I’ve given up making traditional resolutions!  For many years, instead of declaring a New Year’s resolution, I place my attention on creating an intent for the year through a single word.

An intent is more than a goal . . . it’s the driving force that fuels the overall experience and results you desire in your life – personally and professionallyIntent means knowing what you want to experience and directing your actions toward that outcome. By simply stating an intent, you gain the support of your subconscious mind to create an outcome that aligns with you.

This “New Year” approach is simple, fun to do and involves selecting a word (or two) that most resonates with you. It’s more of an art than a science.  I encourage you to select a word that will stretch your comfort zone . . . yet, simultaneously feel authentic to you, too.  What’s so special about a single word?  It’s extremely powerful . . . it contains images, energy and meaning!

3 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Word For The Year . . .

1.  Allow your word to reveal itself to YOU!

What I mean is . . . let your word show up naturally as you go about your day.  Give yourself permission to relax and notice words that “pop” or catch your eye.  Your word may present itself through the title of a movie, appear on a magazine cover, flash on a billboard or it may leap off the page of a book. The key is to have fun with the reveal!
Pay special attention to a word that repeatedly catches your eye. It’s worth more than a passing glance.

2.  Does it fit and ring true?
Now that your word has made an appearance, it’s time to try it on for size. Remember – you’re going to embody your word for the rest of the year . . . you want it to “fit” and grow with you. Leave it up to your heart and soul to try it on for size.

Guidance for the selection . . .

  • Do you get excited about the word?  (It’s okay if it feels a bit scary.)
  • Notice if your word surprises you – especially if it feels too big for comfort.   That’s a good sign. It means you’ve got room for growth.
  • When you say the word out loud – does the sound resonate with you?  Your body will let you know if it rings true.

Unsure whether you’ve got the “right” word?  Be loose with it . . . continue playing, it’s sort of like the child’s game of hide and go seek.  The perfect word will reveal itself.  It always does! The beauty is . . . once the word is chosen; you always have a custom fit.

3.  It’s never too late.
 Begin Now! 

Whether it’s the beginning of the year, near year-end or anywhere in between – NOW is the ideal time to begin.  Awhile ago – between July and August of 2009, “Boldness” kept making an appearance in my life and I finally said yes to the word that fall!  The synergy between the timing, the word itself and what was transpiring in my life was incredible.  Boldness was the perfect word for decision making and walking away from a successful 30+ year corporate career in the power industry to become a speaker, author and coach who helps others access untapped energy with greater courage and confidence.  Boldness was the rocket fuel and the 2010 word Transition made the journey a grace-filled adventure worth taking.

Flash-forward to 2018.  If you’re wondering what I’ve selected this year… “Co-Create” is the winner!  I LOVE this word and have already experienced synergy around it.  Co-Create – together bringing something new into being and saying YES to possibilities in business and life.  Whenever I look up from my computer I see the word “Co-Create” posted nearby.  I do a little happy dance and it puts a huge smile on my face.   I can tell . . . it’s going to be an awesome year!

How about you?  Has your “New Year” Word revealed itself yet?  I would love to know what word is a fit for you.  Share it by posting your word and a comment in the box below.

Here’s to prosperous new beginnings . . .


MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, Ph.D. is the creator of Flashcards for the Soul™.  Dr. MaryAnn’s passion is to work with individuals and groups who are ready to “leap” and experience a more vibrant, dynamic on-purpose life and business.  MaryAnn helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service professionals dramatically improve their performance and prosperity.  If you’ve been merely surviving instead of thriving, be sure to pick-up your F*R*E*E Overcome Overwhelm Toolkit at: