Corporate Innovative Leadership

corporate buildingsIn this fast paced changing world, companies are faced with re-inventing their business on a daily basis.  Legacy systems and processes that worked smoothly and consistently yesterday are outdated and demand extra resources today.  Project teams are working around the clock to reduce current expenses and find new revenue streams by looking at productivity and innovation.

Yet, it’s the engaged employee and how she/he energetically shows-up that drives future success.  Research shows that engaged employees significantly out perform their non-engaged co-workers in creativity and productivity.  A recent Towers Watson study states that only 35% of the global workforce is highly engaged.  This finding poses significant risk to companies who are unable to appreciably raise and sustain workforce engagement.

An energized and engaged workforce naturally and organically sets itself up for success!  It’s a business game changer.  The question is … is your company and leadership ready to play?

Leap Without Limits Founder & CEO – Chief Energetics Officer MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, Ph.D. specializes in helping corporate leaders up-level employee engagement and creativity to accelerate innovation and productivity into phenomenal results!

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MaryAnn D’Ambrosio knows a thing or two about results and energetics (the art & science of energy and transformation). For over 30 years, MaryAnn applied her MBA in the electric utility industry to oversee performance results and process improvement.  In the last several years of her success-filled corporate career, something exceptional happened.  MaryAnn aligned her MBA experience with the knowledge and skills from her Masters in Metaphysics to take intentions, goal setting and performance results to a masterful level(In the process, extraordinary synchronicities began happening at work and in her personal life.)  One of MaryAnn’s major initiatives is to work with corporate leadership to set them up for success through an Inside-Out Approach to business. It’s crystal clear to MaryAnn that this blended know-how is the missing piece that will catapult results for most professionals and businesses.