3 Easy Steps to Re-energize Your Life

How often have you thought about doing something new or completely different in your life?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to:  write a best-seller;  run your own business;  or maybe even live in a foreign country for part of the year.  When you think about a new adventure is there an uplifting feeling inside of you?  You’ll want to read on if the answer is YES!

If you’ve been putting off expanding and acting on your vision because there’s so much going on in your life – I would encourage you to STOP, now.  Pay attention . . . you are being nudged to re-invent an aspect of your life.  Begin to notice how often your thoughts circle back to repetitive ideas, dreams and desires . . . these are inspired road maps pointing the way.  Soon you’ll find the path that is best suited to your purpose and passion.

I’m all for simple, easy and elegant ways of creating your best life.  Here are three easy steps to get you started:

Step 1. Make YOU a Priority

Put Yourself on Your To Do List everyday.  In our “crazy busy” lives it’s so easy to take care of everyone and everything else with little or no time left for ourselves.   By the end of most days are you spent with little or no energy left for you?  Here’s the good news:  YOU can change it . . . make yourself a priority.  Initially, it doesn’t even matter how much time you give yourself – the key is to BEGIN and do it consistently.  I recently challenged a colleague I was coaching to set aside 5 minutes every day “to do”  NOTHING.   Doing nothing means just that . . . 5 minutes without using a cell phone, checking email, or browsing on the computer.  What’s interesting is my colleague wasn’t sure she could give herself 5 minutes to do nothing, yet she decided to go for it.  I’ll be checking-in to see how she’s going.  How about you?  Are you up for the 5 minute DO NOTHING challenge?

Step 2.  Discover Where YOU Are

Take a moment to notice your response when you hear a friend, colleague or neighbor say they’re going on a fabulous vacation, changing jobs, retiring or switching careers.  You’ll quickly receive several clues to your whereabouts by paying attention to what you feel. Is there a sense of excitement, dread, curiosity, wonder, or overall fear?  Remember to achieve what you desire, you’ll have to want it more than you’re afraid of it.  I once read “to feel aliveness in our hearts we must also allow vulnerability.”  Can you afford to be vulnerable and take the chance to discover what makes your heart sing?  Can you afford not to?

Step 3.  Learn What Makes YOUR Heart Sing

Begin simply and simply begin.  If you’re uncertain about what makes your heart sing begin by being kind to yourself.  Take one step at a time and BE open to new possibilities.  Notice what puts a smile on your face and lifts your spirit.  Is it working in the garden, taking care of pets, sitting on your deck watching the birds, or is it a beautiful sunset?  Carry a small notepad with you to jot down what brings you joy and makes you feel alive.  It may be as simple as being grateful for what you already have in your life.  Never underestimate YOUR POWER to change your life.  It’s never too late to start a new chapter.  I would love to hear what you discover.  Here’s to your success!

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio loves working with highly motivated individuals who want more to life than just work and are looking to easily re-design and re-purpose an aspect of their life.  MaryAnn has re-invented herself and electrified her life by transitioning out of corporate America (after 30 plus years in the electric utility industry) to venture out on her own.  Initially, a very scary thought.  Now that she’s made the leap, all kinds of interesting things are happening in her business and life.  You’ll want to stay tuned to Lead Out Loud Now to learn more!