“You’re About to Discover Hidden Secrets in the Law of Attraction!”

Law of Attraction Intensive on May 22, 2011

BLOOMFIELD, CT – Center for Holistic Empowerment

Law of Attraction

Join MaryAnn and Dory for an exciting day of attracting exactly what you want into your life. Whether you are new to the Law of Attraction or a seasoned student, you will find a tremendous wealth of information during this workshop that will help you manifest your dreams. Why procrastinate any longer in creating the life you desire?

We give you the missing pieces or “hidden secrets”  that are essential for creating your heart’s desire. We will work with physical and energetic exercises to identify and quickly release what may be holding you back from achieving the results you’re looking for.

There will be many creative opportunities to connect with your “dreams” and heart’s desire through . . . MaryAnn’s inspirational Flashcards for the Soul™, chakra manifestation experiences, vision boards, and fun activities which will provide opportunities for expansion and limitless joy for your future!

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Date:  May 22, 2011
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (one hour lunch on your own)
Cost: $125

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Visit MaryAnn’s website at www.leapwithoutlimits.com and Dory’s at www.dorydzinski.com.