Each Day as the Best Day of Your Life!

What if . . . you started your day with

More Energy
More Time
Greater Clarity
More Happiness and
Vibrant Aliveness!!!

Life would be much easier, right?

Yes, YOU can have it all! It’s simple to just BE.

Discover Daily Inspiration
Through the Boundless Energy Cards


A deck of 33 energy-filled inspirational cards for Your self-discovery!

These are not your ordinary cards.  They’re Flashcards for the SoulTM!

Use the cards daily for:




Creative writing and

“Word of the day” focus.



If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed and running from one thing to another, wouldn’t it be great to be clear, focused and have more time for yourself and the relationships that really matter in your life?

You know you need to relax and breathe – yet, you’re trapped in busyness.  Imagine being able to quickly set the tone for the day by accessing daily inspiration and guidance from your Just BE . . . Boundless EnergyTM Cards.  The cards are your secret partner.  They assist you with clarity, focus and next steps that are always in complete alignment with your soul and hearts desire.

Move through each day (and especially the tough ones) with greater resiliency, ease and an extra boost of energy.  Know that your secret partner is their to support you.  Instead of dragging your feet, notice the extra bounce in your step and experience a richer, more vibrant on purpose life.

Flash Cards for the Soul

A Unique Card Set

Each card features a photograph from MaryAnn’s personal travels around the world paired with a specific word to help you discover daily inspiration.

These are not your ordinary cards.  Use them daily.  They’re flashcards for the soul – they easily help you remember (on a very deep energetic level) who you truly are and your heart’s desire.  Here’s what makes them unique and so special . . .  during the design and creation process, each card is imbued with a distinctive energy.  As you hold a card in your hand, you will feel the energy that is being conveyed.  You’ll quickly realize the energy begins to expand your awareness, vision and overall well-being.  It may sound extraordinary and yes, it is!   The cards have a brilliance and extra aliveness built right in.

The Just BE . . . Boundless EnergyTM Cards (also known as Flashcards for the Soul™) come with a 48 page Companion Guidebook that explains how to use the cards and also includes a special self-discovery section for each card.

“This is way cooler than I thought it would be.”

– Bruce Brown,

“We are all in pursuit of that ‘magic’ that ‘spark’ that will set us upon the path to greatness, i.e. achieving our goals and dreams with ease and flow. With these Flashcards for the SoulTM MaryAnn D’Ambrosio has broken through and given us the ultimate tool that is ‘practical’ in its use and ‘magical’ in its result. The Just BE . . . Boundless EnergyTM Cards have become a part of my daily practice to attain my goals and to grow my business beyond 6-figures!” ~ Chris Makell,

About the Author and Photographer – MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, Ph.D.

MaryAnn’s passion is to work with individuals who are ready to “leap” and live a more vibrant, on-purpose life.

MaryAnn teaches heart-based entrepreneurs and professionals how to line up their energy to create their heart’s desire. A sought after motivational speaker and facilitator, MaryAnn has created numerous energy and spiritual workshops that have been called “inspirational and transformational.”

In addition to a Ph.D. specializing in holistic life coaching, MaryAnn holds an MBA and an Advanced Graduate Certificate from the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences.

MaryAnn’s greatest joy is to see you thrive – in this lifetime!  If you’re looking to work directly with MaryAnn to expand your vision, contact her through

Yes! MaryAnn, I want to get my hands on these extraordinary energy-filled cards and enjoy daily moments of inspiration!

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