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If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed and running from one thing to another, wouldn’t it be great to be clear, focused and have more time for yourself and the relationships that really matter in your life?

You know you need to relax and breathe – yet, you’re trapped in busyness.  Imagine being able to quickly set the tone for the day by accessing daily inspiration and guidance through the Flashcards For The Soul™ e-cards. The e-cards are your secret partner for creative energy and vibrant aliveness.  They assist you with clarity, focus and next steps that are always in complete alignment with your soul and hearts desire.


Discover Who You Really Are. . .

Move through each day (and especially the tough ones) with greater resiliency, ease and an extra boost of energy.  Know that your secret partner is there to support you.  Instead of dragging your feet, notice the extra bounce in your step and experience a richer, more vibrant on purpose life.


These are not your ordinary e-cards . . . they’re Flashcards For The Soul™

Flash Cards for the Soul

Remember flashcards in elementary school?  The Flashcards For The Soul™ e-cards easily help you remember (on a very deep energetic level) who you truly are and your heart’s desire.  Here’s what makes them so special and unique.  During the design and creation process, each image was paired with a specific word and imbued with energy to inspire and assist with transformation.  It’s no wonder the transform image literally transformed itself during production.  (Check it out in the video … now, that’s pretty powerful!)

Discover a More Vibrant Creative YOU . . . in 30 Days

Each day, you’ll receive a beautifully photographed Flashcard For The Soul™ e-card – designed for inspiration and transformation – electronically delivered to your inbox.  Within seconds of tuning into the Flashcard, you feel more vibrant and set the tone for your day – no matter what’s happening around you.   Along with each e-card,  you’ll also receive a special companion guide that allows you to explore the fascinating journey of self-discovery.  Each energy-enhancing companion guide write-up has three parts:  (1) a definition or descriptions that contains a general meaning for the e-card; (2) a self-discovery section;  and (3) an affirmation – a positive statement of achievement and joyful expression of your soul!

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About the Flashcards for the Soul™ Creator and Photographer . . .
MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

MaryAnn’s passion is to work with individuals who are ready to “leap” and live a more vibrant, creative, on-purpose life.

MaryAnn teaches heart-based entrepreneurs and professionals how to line up their energy to create their heart’s desire. A sought after motivational speaker and facilitator, MaryAnn has created numerous energy and spiritual workshops that have been called “inspirational and transformational.”

In addition to a Ph.D. specializing in holistic life coaching, MaryAnn holds an MBA and an Advanced Graduate Certificate from the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences.

MaryAnn’s greatest joy is to see you thrive – in this lifetime!  If you’re looking to work directly with MaryAnn to expand your vision, contact her through


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